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Things you Need to Know about Gout and Gout Cure

Posted: June, 2009
  • Gout is considered a type of arthritis.
  • Excess uric acid in the body is recognized as the cause of gout.
  • Excess uric acid in the body can be caused by two things:
      1) increase in production of uric acid by the body
      2) under-elimination of uric acid by the kidneys.
  • Food high in purines can increase uric acid levels and cause a gout attack.
  • Here are foods high in purines: Anchovies, beef, red meat, game meats, gravies, herring (including roe), meat extracts, turkey, mackerel, mussels, scallops, sardines, liver, kidney, beer
  • Foods with moderately high purine levels: Asparagus, Cauliflower, Beans, Peas, Oatmeal, Spinach, chicken, Crab, lobster, oysters
  • Foods with the lowest purine levels: Fruits, macaroni, cheese, eggs, sugar, green vegetables, milk products, coffee
  • Sugar also plays a role in gout. Click here for more info about gout and its correlation with Sweet Drinks
  • Elevated uric acid levels DO NOT only occur in people who have gout.
  • Gout most commonly strikes a single joint with sudden, intense inflammation and pain. This is often the big toe.
  • Gout affects about 840 out of 100,000 people.
  • Gout is more common in men than in women.
  • Drinking plenty of non-alcoholic beverages is recommended for gout prevention.
  • The following are traditional gout medicines: NSAIDS, corticosteroids, colchicine, ACTH, allopurinol, probenecid, sulfinpyrazone, and analgesics.
  • Several gout medicines have serious side effects. Click here for info about traditional gout medicine
Maintaining a healthy and balanced diet, while taking our natural herbal gout cure is a good alternative to traditional medicine. Click here to know more about our gout herbal treatment and our money back guarantee.

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