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Chlorine and Gout

Posted: May, 2009

Before you take a nice swim in a swimming pool this hot summer day, you might want to consider the risks that chlorine water brings, gout symptoms being one of them.

For one thing, consuming chlorinated water can accelerate aging, increase chances of cancer (gastrointestinal, bladder, rectal, liver), and muddle your cholesterol metabolism, due to the excessive formation of free radicals.

The effects are not just restricted to chlorine consumption. By taking a warm shower or lounging a tub of hot chlorinated water, you inhale chlorine and your opened pores absorb more chlorine than 8 glases of water. Aside from superficial effects such as dandruff and eye irritation, chlorine may weaken your immunity.

Finally, chlorine can also cause gout symptoms, because it destroys protective acidophilus, which nourishes and cooperates with immunity-strengthening "friendly" organisms lining the colon, and aids in expelling 30% of all uric acid in the body. Furthermore, when chlorine mixes with the organic impurities found in the water, it creates carcinogens called trihalomethanes (THMs), or chloramines.

Recent research also finds that chlorinated water produces a byproduct called MX, which affects liver health, an organ that is linked to gout / gout symptoms.

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