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GoutCure.com's GC® 100% All Natural Herbal Blend! Gout, Gout Relief, Gout Treatment, GC, Uric Acid, Hyperuricaemia, Gout Attacks... End Your Suffering! Since 1998, we have been assisting gout sufferers in their quest to live a gout free life.

Testimonials on Gout Cure

What other People have to say about the Herbal Gout Product

Yahoo Reviewer

"I had some serious gout attacks whilst I was visiting my father in France, I eventually resorted to trolling the internet for help. When I came across 'Gout Care' I was at first doubtful about the testimonials and was very skeptical about what I was reading. Then I ordered a bottle just to test as the cost wasn't that much if it didn't work. Then after it stopped the pain and was able to walk again I haven't looked back, and recommend to anyone I hear complaining about Gout." (Jan 23, 2010)

Yahoo Reviewer

"THE BEST!!!! This cure works plus is 100% natural and satisfaction guaranteed . THe customer service is superb and this actually works!!. Goutcure is 10 in my book. Anyone that suffers should try this. No drugs :):) I would highly recommend this remedy" (Jan 3, 2010)

William F. Jr

"Aloha From Hawaii,

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I usually get two attacks within the month. But so far since taken these pills I haven't had an attack yet. I am on my second bottle. I was getting worried cause I was taken Allopurinol from my doctor and I did not like taken it cause I read up on it and I didn't like the side effects. It was also starting to effect my job and my home life. Then after each attack I would get the kidney stones which is another painful thing to go through. So I thank you guys." (Dec 31, 2009)


"Your product has changed my gout attacks from '12 bad, painful 2-3 day bouts a year' to one 'short, mild attack every twelve months'. Short means 8 hours of mild pain instead of 2-3 days of 30-second bouts of screaming agony for two or three days. Thank you forever!" (Oct 29, 2009)

Yahoo Reviewer

"this really works without perscription meds, worth the price" (Sep 8, 2009)

Jim Rye from East Earl PA

" I wanted to give my testimony for this product in hopes that you would print it so that others may view it. I have been suffering from Gout for 16 years, as it started when I was in my 20's. I have been to specialist ranging from uric acid specialist to arthritis specialist both of whom had put me on so many different medications that I could have started a pharmacy. The sad part of this is that medications that were prescribed for me had adverse effects on other parts of my body. My 20/20 vision was damaged due to Prednisone tablets and now I am the first one in my family to have to wear glasses. Nothing seemed to work and my lifestyle was turning into that of an old man because I could hardly walk. Depression set in, which turned to weight gain because I couldn't exercise without having to walk on crutches the next day. It got so bad that I was getting attacks of gout in my knees, all parts of my feet, wrist and elbows. No medications on the market could control my gout. One day as I sat at the computer (in pain) I begin to search the web to see if anyone knew of a possible help for my gout problems. I was tired of taking handfuls of medication and getting no results. I was tired of not being able to play with my 10-year-old son. All my joy was being consumed with trying to manage enough pain free days to make it through work. I saw your ad and as many people are the first time was skeptical because nothing had ever worked, much less an herbal remedy. After reading your testimonies, I decided that I to would give it a try. At this point I had nothing to loose but a few dollars. When the tablets arrived my wife started laughing, saying that I had gotten so desperate that the next step would be a voodoo doctor in the swamps. I went through your cleansing diet for one week and then started the tablets with little faith. Now comes the sweet part, I have gone for three months without any gout complications. I have lost 37 pounds, because I am now able to walk and exercise as I use to. My son is elated because I can now play sports with him again. This is the most awesome product and should be relabeled " Miracle In A Bottle ". From the bottom of my heart, I sincerely thank your company for coming up with this cure. I showed it to my doctor and his comment was " let me know how well it works ". I have since sent you many customers and will continue to elevate your product to everyone I meet. Let me know if you need any sales representatives. "(9/02/2003)

George Salov

" I have had elevated levels of a muscle enzyme in my liver for many years. I took Gout Cure for 3 months or so and was re-tested. My liver levels had returned to normal! Nothing else had changed, other than I have been gout free since taking this product. Thank you! "(07/28/2003)


" Great product so far. Have been on it 2 wks and off Allopurinol. No swelling in my joints. And my pain in my shoulders, wrist, knee, besides my feet are GONE! I feel great. Have suffered from gout for at least 3 yrs. I am a female age 34. I have had none stop gout attacks since March until now. I would have gout attacks once a month. The pain subsided. And the attacks would subside. But I could still feel pain in feet and joints. I would wake up every morning feeling awful like I didn't want to wake up. But I got the gout cure pills and followed the healing diet. And now I am eating normal foods and have not had any more attacks. Thanks Gout Cure. Wonderful product and great website. Great email returns. Thanks for all your help. "(07/25/2003)

R. Whitehurst

" 2 years without gout, I used to have attacks every 3 to 4 months. I had it bad, I have told many of my friends about it. It's hard to believe doctors don't know about it. Thanks! "(07/2003)



Murray from New Zealand

" For years I have suffered with serious bouts of gout. Each episode has been extremely debilitating, sometimes crippling, with the joints becoming incredibly swollen. Gout became a regular part of my life, with my joints often feeling as though they were full of sharp pieces of broken glass. After each consultation with my GP he would prescribe inter muscular & intravenous Tilcotil anti-inflammatory. This would be of no relief or help. The normal long-term medication Allopurinol was prescribed. I found this to be of no great relief either. Oral anti-inflammatory medication played havoc with my stomach so I decided to look for an alternative to relieve my pain. A friend introduced me to this herbal remedy, and I would have to say since taking Gout Cure the severe cases of gout I suffered are a thing of the past. I have found the Gout Cure appears to be helping to lower my cholesterol levels as well. The medical fraternity remained skeptical about Gout Cure, but I have proved them wrong. My gout appears to be at bay, and even the doctors are now asking for more information. "


" Sensational product, incredible website, incredible customer service. Its too bad all e-merchants are not as comprehensive and ethical. 5 stars for GOUTCURE.COM "(4/05/2003)

Kenneth PA.

" This product is incredible! I suffered from gout for the past couple of years, the past year of which I had an attack about every 3 weeks. I first ordered Goutcure in mid-December. I was in the middle of a bad attack. Within a couple of hours I was walking again, very little pain. The next day I woke with no pain. My uric acid level was 15 last year, after 2.5 months of goutcure with no episodes, a blood test last week indicated a uric acid level of 6. This product is a incredible! "(2/22/2003)

James from C, Ohio

" Of course I was originally looking for an overnight fix and when that did not happen I sent Goutcure.com a piece of my mind. Jaime was still nice enough to contact me back not only offering me an immediate refund but even better her helping hand in solving my gout problem. After realizing that I had years of built up uric acid deposits to first get rid of. With a strict cleansing and her day by day guidance in doing so, I was soon able to slowly reintroduce a more normal diet once again. I have now remained gout attack free for over a year now. That sure beats an attack every month. I was ready to give up, but they refused to let me believe there were no answers and success was around the corner. It was nice to know that everyone, however different and more toxic they may be, can still find great healing guidance and success with professionals like them. Thank you Goutcure and everyone involved in this great product, the hard work did pay off and I'm sorry I ever doubted you!! "(5/21/2003)


" Gout Cure is a modern Miracle! "(2/19/2003 3:01:45 PM)

Ed Machek

" I had been suffering regular gout attacks for the last four years. I tried Colchicine but the attacks always came back after a few weeks. My diet was so restricted that I was afraid to eat the foods and beverages that I loved and I still had attacks. Gout Cure to the rescue. I eat what I want and drink in moderation and I have suffered no attacks since taking my daily dose of Gout Cure and a Centrum Silver vitamin. Miracles do happen! I told my physician about your product and he is recommending it to his patients. There are a few things in life that have a significant effect on your quality of life. Gout Cure is one of those life enhancing miracles. "

Karleen Scott

" Dear Mr. Smith, I ordered your product for my husband in July out of sheer desperation. It was my first order ever on the Internet and I was extremely skeptical. What caught my attention was your letter and the fact that he developed it at the same age that you did (he's now 43 yrs. old). It sounded as if it was written by him. We are so grateful to you and I'm only writing on his behalf because he is such a busy person (especially now that he's not hopping around in pain anymore). He takes 1 to 3 a day and he has not had an attack since he started after having attacks about every 2 wks on Allopurinol & Colchicine. He calls it his miracle pill and even spread the word to a co-worker who has been suffering for years. Thank you sooo very much and may the Lord bless and keep you in his care. "(11/27/2002)


" Rating: Excellent Comments: I was truly suffering when I gave the online information to my physician for his review and opinion. He concurred...what could be the harm. The day I received the order I followed the prescribed directions and went to bed in pain. I awoke with total relief. I don't do testimonials, but I’m an advocate for this product! "

Darryl Gilbert

" Attention: Kevin Smith -- Hi Kevin,I must let you know that Goutcure has worked for me, and I have thrown the bottles of Zylaprin (allopurinol) & Colchicine into the garbage bin. I had been suffering from Gout for 6 months and had abstained from eating the "No good" foods and still I couldn't shake off the attacks. I surfed the net and found your web page, ordering a bottle of your product. I had never been a believer in alternate medicine, but I thought I might as well give the herbs a trial. After one week of 2 capsules twice a day, the attacks subsided and now 6 weeks have lapsed and I haven't had any further Gout problems. Last week I visited my brother in Santa Monica, California and I ordered 6 bottles of Goutcure to be delivered to his address in Montana Ave, Santa Monica CA. from you, which I received by Fedex the next day and then I brought them back to Western Australia with me. I am sure I will be a life long client of yours as I will take them ongoing for maintenance. " (8th January, 2003)

Phil Kingston

" Comments Wonderful! I recommended these to my doctor and we have both discontinued allopurinol medication. Now if that's not proof of their effectiveness then what is? "(Sat Jun 22 14:53:31 EDT 2002)

order gout-cure-11986

" Subj: Customer feedback on order gout-cure-11986 Rating: Excellent Comments: I've been using the product, ordering from the same place, for about 2 years now. Not a single complaint from this end - great product, fast shipping, and always correct. Hats off for a perfect job well done. "(10/24/2002 9:15:21 AM Eastern Daylight Time)

Jim Grasman

" At first I thought that Gout Cure was to good to be true. As with the other testimonials, I too have been in and out of the doctors office with medication that sometimes worked and sometimesdidn't. As we all know, if you have never had gout, you really can't appreciate how miserable a person can be and I mean miserable!! My nephew is a brand new Internist who is up on all the state ofthe art medications for all aliments. I told him my situation and he said, Uncle Jim, I am sorry to say that the drug companies don't make enough money off of gout suffers, so we, the medicalprofession have to treat this conditions like we have been doing for the past 25 years. I explained how I reluctantly ordered the first order, and after having a horrible attack, I took the supplementevery 30 mins for 3 hours.........and the attack went away. Being so elated with relief of no pain, I call my nephew to report the news. I explained that the person who created this web page andcompany had suffered from gout at an early age and after conducting research and talking with holistic partitioners, a combination of natural ingredients were combined to stop the gout attacks. It isa supplement that you take after each meal. The bottom line, my nephew the MD/Internist said, Uncle Jim, remember that doctors "practice" medicine. If this supplement works, take it. I would like topersonally thank Mr. Kevin Smith for making me feel like a normal person. Because of your persistence and having this horrible condition gave you the challenge to find something that would allow youto lead a normal life and in turn allow other people to have a normal life too. God bless you and Merry Christmas. " ( 12/22/01)


" Thank you thank you!!!! The medicine my husband was given by his doctor either kept him in the bathroom or kept him from feeling well at all. Thanks to finding you on the internet, he has beendoing great from the first two pills. Within half an hour he could walk without the aid of my mothers' cane (he's only 33).He doesn't take them all the time, only when he feels like his joints arestiffing up. As I said before . . . Thank you, thank you! " (Date: 10/16/2001 06:24:38 PM Eastern Daylight Time )

Jim R.

" I've been a gout sufferer on and off for for five years now and your product is the first thing that I've tried that actually works! Absolutely love it. I was getting frustrated with my medicaldoctor because he couldn't recommend anything other that lifetime medication.I can't wait to tell him about this. I will definitely recorder. Thanks for offering a great product! " ( 10/15/2001)

Frankie Hanna

" I've been meaning to write! I do not fit the gout sufferer's profile. I am a woman, I do not drink alcohol or caffiene, I don't eat organ meats or sardines/anchovies. I eat a balanced diet...yet, Isuffer with gout! I have had it for about 15 years. I have taken allopurinol, indocin, cherries, pain pills and various other remedies BUT, your product seems to be THE ANSWER for me! I carry GoutCure with me always. When I was recently on a trip, I found I didn't have enough with me and I suffered till I arrived home...I won't be without it again! Thank you for such a good product and keep upthe good work...find more help for all of us gout sufferers out here! I am ordering 12 more bottles today. Thank you again! " (06/20/01)

Paul Pursel

" This product has helped me more than you'll ever know. I can now lead a more "normal" life without extreme dietary restrictions. My doctor calls it "those garlic pills" and doesen't want to putmuch stock in them, but even HE can't argue with my dramatic results. I'd like to share this with everyone who has ever suffered like I have from this awful thing called gout. "

Bill Byrd

" After using this herbal formula faithfully for about 3 months, now I can truthfully say thet I have been symptom free for about 2 months, and there is no side effects that I can ascertain. I thinkthis formula should be available either as a prescription or over the counter. I have tried almost every treatment there is and still had gout after 17 years and this is a welcome relief. "


" Great product! I tried the three month batch and it really works. Thanks! "

Raymond Leftwich

" Your product is great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for offering it, it really helps. "

Paul Coleman

" This is my second order. This stuff really works. I have not suffered since I found this great product. I take an extra dose every time I eat red meat of any kind and it never seems to effect me.I've tried doctor prescribed medicines, cherries, just about everything, but I just want to take time to tell you that this stuff is the only thing that has ever really helped me and I will telleveryone I know who has had the gout to seek you out. Thanks Again. "

Paul Ferenczy

" I have been using your product for one year and have found it to be extremely beneficial.Please rush this order if possible. My supply is getting low! "

Rebecca Burney

" IT Works! Love this stuff. A miracle for pain. "

Fred Towery

" All I can say is aside from the fact that this stuff is great is please make sure somebody else has the recipe just in case ill fortune should ever befall you. "

Carole Ragland

" The Gout Cure is wonderful! My husband felt the effects of it in less than an hour. For the first time in months he is not in pain. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You! "

Barbra Ley

" My husband has suffered from gout attacks on and off for years. This is the only product we have ever tried that has actually worked!. I would highly recommend this product to anyone sufferingfrom gout attacks. "

Roy Forgy

" Pleasantly surprised, it really does work, since I started taking it I have not had a gout attack. I was averaging at least one every 2 weeks before. "


" Thank you for your quick response, and for a product that works so well. "

Jim Harrison

" I was amazed at how well it works. I get lenghthy flare-ups every couple of months and the doctors have been far from helpful. After skeptically taking it, my four week problem receded overnight-itwas amazing. If it had not worked so well I would not be filling out this survey from Yahoo. "


" Thanks to your company my husband thinks he is superman now. He has been out every night drinking since starting on your herbal blend. You should be more careful to whom you sell it to. "

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