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GoutCure.com's GC® 100% All Natural Herbal Blend! Gout, Gout Relief, Gout Treatment, GC, Uric Acid, Hyperuricaemia, Gout Attacks... End Your Suffering! Since 1998, we have been assisting gout sufferers in their quest to live a gout free life.

My Gout Story

Hi, I'm Raymond Rodriguez from Manila, Philippines. Let me tell you about my experience with the very painful condition of gout and how I eventually overcame it. I consider myself a healthy person. I am conscious about the food I eat and am very athletic. I exercise regularly and frequently engage in sports. But all that, apparently, is no guarantee against getting gout.

One day, while away on a business trip, I felt a pain in my right toe near the ball of the foot. It was painful enough for me to immediately call my brother Jun long distance and ask him about it. My brother had a gout attack some time back and the symptoms that he described were very similar so I suspected that I might also have gout. He tried to reassure me that it might not necessarily be gout since I could still walk and bear the pain. So I just bore it for a few days until the pain went away.

Big mistake. 2 months later, when I came back home, I experienced the most painful physical experience of my life. I had a gout attack in the middle of the night on my right ankle. I was literally crying and shouting from the pain which was so intense that I was effectively paralyzed. This lasted for around 6 to 7 days during which time I had to stay at home. I was able to go to doctor only on the 4th day when I was able to walk with a limp. The doctor prescribed Colchicine for the gout, a pain killer and an antacid. The medications worked, and after 2 to 3 days the pain subsided and I could go back to work. I was also told by the doctor to take Allopurinol to alleviate my high uric acid levels.

My doctor explained to me the side effects of all the drugs I was being prescribed, but because the alternative was to endure the unbearable pain of gout, I listened to him and dutifully took the drugs. However, a year or so passed by and the issue of the side effects would constantly nag me. I wanted to control my high uric acid levels but not at the expense of damaging my vital organs in the process. As an Asian who has been exposed to the more holistic Oriental view (specifically, Chinese) of medicine, I have a strong belief that its very important to keep the kidneys and the liver healthy.

My brother Jun had been suggesting that I take Gout Cure GC® which he started taking after his first and (amazingly) so far only gout attack, (This was back in 2000, he still takes Gout Cure GC® regularly and - thankfully! - has yet to experience another attack.) Unlike me, he immediately started on Gout Cure when he experienced his first gout attack, and by that time 2 years had already passed without his experiencing a second attack. However, because it was not something the doctor prescribed, I had been skeptical at first and did not want to risk another attack by experimenting. However, I was quite worried about the side effects, so eventually I decided to try out the natural ingredients-based gout medicine my brother was using.

Well, it has now been 7 years since I started taking this natural cure and treatment for gout. I am happy to say that so far, the worst pain I have felt are slight tingles in my ankle when I do not watch my diet. I immediately take Gout Cure GC® and these slight tingles eventually go away. I am still taking Gout Cure GC® everyday and always recommend this miraculous product to people (friends, relatives and even strangers) whom I know have gout. They are all happy and satisfied with the results and are so grateful to me, it was as if I had performed a miracle for them!

I would like to thank Mr. Kevin Smith for his wonderful product Gout Cure which has helped me and many others to control and prevent this terribly painful condition. I feel a lot safer taking this herbal blend which is 100% natural rather than taking medication that can do more harm in the long run. Also, I can now eat with confidence most of the foods I know that have high uric acid content. But of course, in moderation!

If you or your loved ones have gout or have high uric acid, you owe it to yourself to give the Gout Cure GC® product a try. It helps you control your gout instead of letting the gout control you.

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